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Innovation is motion. We work with those who change the market. Whether modestly or in a very radical way, they disturb, make waves and do what others tried without success. They walk off the beaten path, and if they succeed, they alter the status quo.


2012 Année de l’open data en France ?

Il arrive régulièrement que les dossiers qui arrivent à l’agence, manifestent clairement le Zeitgeist de l’innovation. C’est une bonne chose pour la veille constante que nous faisons et le besoin constant que nous avons d’anticiper le futur. Et avec trois projets arrivés en simultané sur mon bureau, je commence [...]


Intrapreneurship or Extrapreneurship?

I was invited for a morning presentation for Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs workgroup, on May 4, 2012. The core of this keynote is that whether it’s incremental or radical, at its core innovation is about changing the market. To do so, most multinationals start to learn that they have to adapt from within, and at some point escape from the [...]