Stéphanie MITRANO / transition designer

CAT Stephanie

Executive Coach certifié NCFE / Docteur en Sciences du Management

Stéphanie a accompagné pendant plus de dix ans à Londres des entrepreneurs solo et des dirigeants de multinationales comme BP, VIRGIN Atlantic ou ACCENTURE. De par sa riche expérience avec des dirigeants de structures de toute taille, elle vous apporte une réflexion pertinente et des outils personnalisés pour affronter les défis de votre croissance et de l’accompagnement de vos équipes. Spécialiste du coaching des dirigeants et du mentorat des entrepreneurs, elle vous accompagne dans le développement de vos compétences humaines et managériales, dans la constitution d’équipe start-up et dans le design de programme de mentorat. Elle forme également des étudiants en Master à l’université et dans des grandes écoles, sur le développement de compétences humaines et relationnelles pour une meilleure gestion des transitions professionnelles.

Executive Coach certified NCFE / Management Sciences PhD

Specialist in Executive Coaching and Entrepreneurial Mentoring, insightful and open-minded, Stéphanie accompanies you in the development of your human and managerial skills. She has coached entrepreneurs and senior executives of multinationals such as BP, Virgin Atlantic and Accenture in London for over 10 years. She has worked on the engineering of High Potential mentoring programmes for SAP Brazil, Groupe Caisse d’Epargne and Kempinski hotels. She now coaches and trains entrepreneurs to help them in the consitution and development of a cohesive, competent and complementary team, trains Master students in developing soft skills to manage their professional transitions (« Authentic & Adaptable Manager » course) and designs mentoring programmes.


Mathilde Le Rouzic - Fondatrice, Quaelead 

Stéphanie m’a conseillée au cours de plusieurs sessions de coaching afin de m’aider à mieux préparer et construire la croissance de notre équipe. Sa capacité à écouter est précieuse, tout autant que son expérience acquise auprès de startupers aussi bien que de cadres dirigeants de grands groupe. Chaque session est l’occasion de résoudre des problématiques concrètes, de mettre à plat des points de blocage et de trouver les clefs pour les résoudre efficacement. Le résultat pour nous, après trois mois est probant : la stratégie est mieux assimilée par l’équipe et nous travaillons de manière plus fluide tous ensemble.


Iain Chalmers - BP, Londres 

I was initially a little cynical of leadership coaching but very quickly Stephanie gave me some very practical tools to dismiss my cynicism. Stephanie saw very quickly what was holding me back and helped me to see and subsequently deal with it. Over the longer term though her coaching had major results, the most notable being my confidence in taking a position of leadership. The time I spent with Stephanie was a great investment that pays a regular dividend.

elmsIan Elms - Manager, Accenture 

Stephanie’s coaching strengthened my self-belief so that I could put a discouraging interview behind me when I re-applied for a position with the knowledge I would face the same interviewer who had put me off at the original interview. I went back into the interview process with a clear vision of what I wanted to get out of it. This time I wasn’t discouraged by the interviewer, and I was offered the job I wanted, and even negotiated a joining bonus. I recommend Stephanie as a coach who helps you to believe in yourself and who empowers you to achieve your goals.

carlosCarlos ColangeloProduct Owner for HCM Payroll US , SAP 

Stéphanie did a great work as consultant at Metizo International. She helped me to build a career plan within the Mentee Program. She used her knowledge to provide useful feedbacks to me during the program.

Cláudio FélixCláudio FélixDevelopment Manager, SAP Brésil 

Stéphanie was great coaching us in our first mentor experience. She is very experienced in mentoring and her insights were really helpfull to understand the process and improve our skills.

cynthiaCynthia Zoubir – Director of International Affairs chez Euromed Management

Stéphanie is the type of person everyone wants on his team. She’s creative, dynamic, and a wonderful listener – which makes her the excellent coach that she is!

Jocelyn GuillonJocelyn Guillon - Head of Service Provider Quality department, Eurocopter 

Stéphanie did an excellent job, in the frame of the training performed on September 26th and 27th for Eurocopter.

0336669Catherine Cayuela – Responsable formation, Incubateur GRAIN 

Des messages clés et chocs dans un gant de velours… Stéphanie intervient chez nous en formation sur le rôle de l’entrepreneur notamment. Elle fait passer les bons messages en douceur avec le brio que l’on connait chez Merkapt : des méthodes originales et des slides toujours au top.

Jan SchrageJan Schrage - Development Project Manager, SAP 

I’ve worked with Stéphanie while she was acting as a career coach for our talent program. In that context she gave trainings to mentees that were very well received. She also managed all issues related to the program, including feedback to mentees and mentors, deadlines etc. for more than nine months remotely and on-site with very good results. Stéphanie is very good at transmitting ideas, getting people to buy in and follow through, and she is a pleasure to work with.

Bertrand Sibille - CFO, Radical Beauty 

Stéphanie has an outstanding sense of analysis. Her vision, her talent, her reading of facts, are some of the multiple qualities she deploys as a coach. Stéphanie accompanied me during a radical change of career a few years ago. Her advices, recommendations as well as the follow-ups that were set up allowed me to reach the objectives which we had fixed. A highly talented coach whom I shall recommend to whomever is requiring competencies in number of fields such as change management, personal behavior and development, strategy management…