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Philippe MÉDA / business designer

Philippe founded Merkapt in 2007: a consulting agency in charge of co-piloting innovation for startups and multinationals. He's currently working in Europe and Asia.


Founder, CEO / PhD

After having developed biotech research projects, Philippe has managed teams and companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries for over ten years. Business Model Innovation and high potential technological companies’ strategy specialist, Philippe founded Merkapt in 2007: a consulting agency in charge of co-piloting innovation for start-ups  and large multinationals, in France, Europe and Asia. His added value resides in his capacity to rapidly assess the market ecosystem of an idea and in finding creative and pragmatic solutions to transform them into viable and competitive business models.  Apart from his expertise delivered to numerous start-up networks, Philippe works closely with several multinationals’ internal incubation cells and trains Master and MBA students.

Philippe’s full Linkedin profile. 


Marc Géméto / Business Innovation Director, Gemalto 

I have hired Philippe in different works to support our internal incubator BIG either to challenge the creation of new businesses , write business plans or as a keynote speaker . I can only say that Philippe is a great professional with high integrity , always delivering high value results within timeframe and bringing a lot of out of the box insights to challenge new projects . He has definitely been a key element in some of our incubation explorations . I would definitely recommend both entrepreneurs or bigger companies to hire Philippe for challenging their new business creation.

2708c42Thomas Grattepanche / Executive MBA Student 

La manière de Philippe d’interpeller le public est admirable, juste et précise. Il a su capter toute mon attention dans la façon dont je devais aborder, créer ou innover mon Business Model. En fait, à chacune de ses formations et de ses conseils au MBA, c’est tout l’auditoire qui était saisi d’une satisfaction réelle d’avoir appris quelque chose, modernement applicable. Un vrai pro !

0336669Catherine Cayuela / Responsable Formation, Grenoble Alpes Incubation 

Philippe est un pro du fond et de la forme ! Sur les questions de Business Model notamment, il sait faire passer des messages simples pour les créateurs d’entreprise et leur donner des outils immédiatement opérationnels pour les aider à faire avancer leur réflexion… J’adore son esprit start-up et design thinking…

19e76e5Olivier Tomat / Responsable Innovation, Grand Lyon 

Seek no more. In a professional world where, contrarily to what it likes to be thought of, conformity is more often than not the norm, professional talents like Philippe’s are the sine qua non condition for performance. Whether you’re from a large corporation or an exciting new venture, the guy will challenge your relation to innovation and business to death. More importantly, he will grant you with what’s the most precious asset in that professional universe : a vision, and the keys to operate it. And then he’ll question the whole thing again. Rainmaker is probably what his business card should show.  I won’t write the classical ‘I hope to work again with Philippe in the next future’, because I know I will. I need to. Everyone needs to. — Oh, and I don’t even need to mention that, on top of that, he is a real pleasure to work with.

237f493Julien Petit / Délégué Général, La Cuisine du Web

There is one word that comes to my mind about Philippe: “inspiring”. As a mentor and a professor Philippe as brought me so much insight about business & innovation. He is an innovation master 2.0, helping Managers to unleash their business instinct, allowing company to create radical & sustain new business model, thus new product with high added value.  On the top of that he has the capability to make any entrepreneur a business model savvy. Philippe is on my top list of the great professional I have met in my career.

0a9bb19Deborah Rippol / Europe Coordinator, Startup Weekend 

Philippe has given wonderful Keynote speeches aimed at soon-to-be entrepreneurs at several of our events. He is a delightful person. It was amazing how people received his tips and tried to apply them straight away. He has also been a precious asset as a mentor, guiding entrepreneurs in their strategy. I would gladly work with him again in the future!

3989a03Yves Voglaire / CEO Originn 

Philippe nous a produit une conférence passionnante sur l’innovation, devant un parterre d’entrepreneurs et de designers. Il a su se mettre au niveau de son public, en particulier dans ses réponses aux questions qui étaient claires, pertinentes et documentées.

166216eStéphanie Simpson / Fondatrice, Mondokkido 

Philippe est vif et perspicace. Ces recommandations nous ont conforté dans notre approche du marché. Toute start-up devrait être accompagnée par une personne comme Philippe pour éviter les erreurs du départ et être bien dirigée!

3fd8f1fPhilippe De Matteis / Associé chez Urban Wave

En contact avec Philippe depuis plusieurs années , j’ai pu apprécier ses compétences et son savoir faire ainsi que la qualité de son relationnel. Outre sa grande maitrise du pilotage de l’innovation, Philippe est certainement l’un des meilleurs consultant dans l’innovation de business modèle faisant de lui un professionnel incontournable, reconnu et apprécié.

1675d7dJean-François Carrasco / Institut européen de l’intelligence digitale

At each and every occasion I had to collaborate with Philippe it has been to me an opportunity to meet an open and future-minded yet pragmatically rooted professional. He is a track opener, a conclusions finder, a humanist geek and a technophile philosopher. Human, wise and frank and always able to value his friends and partners. Hope we go on this so nice way for a while!

[ Business Designer, PhD ] -- Philippe designs and builds strategic innovations that help startups or multinational corporations , pragmatically change their market. From governemental healthcare, to consumer social web, Philippe has an extensive knowledge of numerous markets in Europe and in Asia.