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Our Customers…

Our innovation consulting and training activities drive us to work with two types of clients: leaders, and challengers.


Our customers are game changers.

Such innovation consulting activity drives us to work with two types of clients: startup and multinationals.

Our consulting time is split between Europe and Asia.

We also teach innovation in MBAs or design schools, and try to be proactive keynote speakers whenever possible.

Here are a few of our customers, showing the diversity of both sectors and markets:

merkapt - our customers - 2016

Working at both  extreme of the organisational spectrum – startups and multinationals – makes sense. These are the structures which most crucially need to (re)invent their innovation process, to move away from a techno-centric vision and to efficiently set foot in new markets.

Hence we provide a range of specific and complementary services to support their business and culture transformation:

•     Business model innovation and innovation strategies;
•     Business model design and business prototyping;
•     Mentoring programmes;
•     Excubation and intrapreneurship strategies;
•     Transition design and culture change;
•     Managerial and entrepreneurial coaching of executives.

[ Business Designer, PhD ] -- Philippe designs and builds strategic innovations that help startups or multinational corporations , pragmatically change their market. From governemental healthcare, to consumer social web, Philippe has an extensive knowledge of numerous markets in Europe and in Asia.