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Managerial Transition

Enhancing managerial skills and leadership for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in a complex world.

HR is Powerless!

I have been meaning to write this article for ages and not daring to say some obvious truths about organizations and how they think as a collective. Since the work that I do is on the “soft” human side, it has often been associated with HR, but a great number of my work to change organizations is not ordered by HR. And the best [...]


Mechanics of Emotions

… And why engineers can be great at dealing with emotions at work, once they get the manual. I presented this TED-like talk for the Airbus Group Leadership University’s trainer day, held in Toulouse on 11 December 2014. In this short talk, I wanted to present to my peers a few perspectives on how to bring soft subjects like “emotions [...]


Out of the box talents!

The “use it or lose it” view of competencies may be right about savoir-faire and technical skills because they are often linked to technologies which evolve rapidly. But how about soft skills and savoir-être, the ones that are so in need right now like leadership, people management, coaching, creativity, public speaking etc? Do [...]