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A Roadmap to Disruption

I discussed Uberization at length in a recent article. But this is just a model of disruption, among many others. To be complete, I should at least also speak about teslaization which I believe to be more dangerous for many companies, and their relation to by-the-book disruption. These are the three states of disruption that will shape [...]


It’s not Uber, it’s you!

There is this fear syndrome that has been running for a few months amongst the leaders of every single market in the western world: are we going to get uberized? As they are asking themselves this question, you’ll probably detect a hint of a smile in their eyes. Not many corporations really believe that someone will just “walk in”, and [...]


Launch early enough to be embarrassed by your product first version.


Ce qui bloque les startups en Europe

Paul GRAHAM sur ce qui bloque le développement des startups en Europe : Une astuce pour les gouvernements qui veulent encourager les startups : lisez les histoires de startups existantes, et ensuite essayez de simuler ce qui se serait passé dans votre pays. Quand vous vous heurtez à quelque chose qui aurait tué Apple, coupez-le. Le problème [...]