Can MBA students become entrepreneurs?

Of course they can, however a good reality check is essential! This is why I did a workshop for them at GEM (Grenoble Business School) earlier this year. The key point being: realising that moving from a management job in a large company  to the life of an entrepreneur is first and foremost a human transition. Continue reading Can MBA students become entrepreneurs?

HR is Powerless!

I have been meaning to write this article for ages and not daring to say some obvious truths about organizations and how they think as a collective. Since the work that I do is on the “soft” human side, it has often been associated with HR, but a great number of my work to change organizations is not ordered by HR. And the best programmes that I do are not sponsored by HR, they are backed by CEOs themselves, Executive Committees and high level management. In many instances I have found that HR is powerless! Continue reading HR is Powerless!

Mechanics of Emotions

… And why engineers can be great at dealing with emotions at work, once they get the manual.

I presented this TED-like talk for the Airbus Group Leadership University’s trainer day, held in Toulouse on 11 December 2014. In this short talk, I wanted to present to my peers a few perspectives on how to bring soft subjects like “emotions at work” to engineers, since a vast majority of Airbus managers we train come from an engineering background. The pedagogy for engineers needs to be very coherent from the title “mechanics of emotions” to the metaphors (engine), the language and the concrete cases and tools. Continue reading Mechanics of Emotions

Constituer l’équipe start-up (5), Focus résultats

Dans la série d’articles sur comment constituer l’équipe start-up, voici le cinquième et dernier dysfonctionnement à anticiper, et sur la façon d’engager un “focus résultats”…  Continue reading Constituer l’équipe start-up (5), Focus résultats

Nos dernières publications sur le mentorat

Nous sommes probablement une des rares agences de conseil à produire de la recherche académique. Bien que nous en parlions peu ici, depuis la fin de mes travaux de doctorat sur le mentorat d’entrepreneurs, plusieurs de mes articles ont été publiés dans des revues scientifiques. Voici les résumés de nos dernières publications sur le mentorat. Si elles vous intéressent n’hésitez pas à me contacter pour en recevoir une copie par mail. Continue reading Nos dernières publications sur le mentorat