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Innovation is motion. We work with those who change the market. Whether modestly or in a very radical way, they disturb, make waves and do what others tried without success. They walk off the beaten path, and if they succeed, they alter the status quo.

Clicking Innovation Together

I’ve been working with teams in the automotive industry for many years now. In some cases with startups trying to disrupt a part of the mobility ecosystem, in other cases with world-wide leaders of this market. Right now, I’m even in charge of focusing the go-to-market efforts of a group of startups in a transversal incubation program [...]


It’s Time to Let Go of the Canvas

It’s quite a trip to read the Wikipedia page on ‘business model‘ where the business model canvas designed by Pigneur and Osterwalder is barely a footnote. In real life there is probably just a handful of startups or multinationals that haven’t use this tool at some point, as a key element of creativity and to some extent, [...]


Give me the black sheep. I want artists who are frustated. I want the ones who have another way of doing things that nobody’s listening to. Give us all the guys who are probably already heading out the door.

Brad BIRD, Pixar